Prepare Your Quantification


RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has been utilized as the standard technology for measuring the expression abundance of genes, transcripts, exons or splicing junctions. Numerous quantification methods were proposed to quantify such abundances. We have proposed a series of statistical metrics and data visualization techniques to evaluate the performance of transcript quantification. This online tool provides an easy access to submit quantifications from any prospective methods, and links to their metrics and visualization reports.

Three datasets are proposed here to evaluate quantification methods. For each dataset, two types of information should be prepared before submission. One is a quantification table text, which will be detailed below. The other is the log text recording the pipeline running parameters and statistics, such as pipeline versions, used commands, time and memory cost, etc.

Prepare your quantification for simulation dataset with 15 replicates

Prepare your quantification for selected ENCODE dataset with 2 replicates

Prepare your quantification for simulation confounded dataset with 8 replicates

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